Depart from evil, and do good; Seek peace, and pursue it.”

Psalm 34:14


There are certain things that should give you a sense of pride. Things like blessing one who has cursed you, seeking peace when everyone else says it’s “wise” to seek trouble, pursuing good even though all you can see around you is bad, and the likes.

Although, the world brands actions like this as foolishness, these are things that we cannot do without the help of the HolySpirit. Besides, submission and obedience to the Holy Ghost is the applaudable feat we should always look forward to.

Not proving ourselves right. Not showing that we have “sense”. Not showing manipulative efforts that make people cheer and applaud. Not telling “white lies” that provide a temporary way of escape. These are things that are easy, and oftentimes reasonable, to do, but they do not look like what the Lord wants from us as stated in His Word.

Make it a normal thing to get your sense of fulfilment from honouring the word of God instead of doing that which feels good to you.

Further Study: Hebrew 12:3
Charge: Consider the ways of Jesus, and yield your heart to esteeming it above all else.

Happy Sunday, Beloved.

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