“And if the righteous scarcely be saved, where shall the ungodly and the sinner appear?” 

1 Peter 4:18


Our passage today speaks to the fact that judgement will begin in the church – amongst God’s elect. We’re made to know according to the scripture, that our works will be tried with fire. It will be proved to ascertain that it was done for the glory of God according to the instructions of God.

Then the question is asked, if the believers will go through such judgement where they will barely be saved, how much more those who refused to believe at all?

The revelation of the word of God is very clear on the fact that sinners will perish and will be punished. As you hear this word, it is even more of a risk to remain in sin. Pleas for mercy in the time of judgement will not suffice in any way.

Pleas for pardon will be rejected. Come now to Christ, and enjoy the beauty that is in Him. Allow God to open your eyes to the privilege of being His own.

Further Study: Psalm 1:6
Charge: Do not take the time of Mercy and Salvation for granted.

Stay blessed.

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