About Us

FOOMI is an acronym of Faith Of Oldtimers Ministry International. This is a Bible-believing ministry which was founded through the inspiration and conviction of the Holy Spirit. 

When you ask what we are about, we are typically about Love. FOOMI is about spreading the love of Christ to the entire humanity. We are a body of non-denominational believers who bring people together to show them that we are in a special time of God’s love. 

Are you a sinner, once a believer who think you can never be accepted again by the Father (a prodigal son), have you never heard about the gospel of truth? You are most welcome home; because here in FOOMI, we are a citadel of love and peace of God. You aren’t here by mistake; God brought you here to show you how special you are and that He sent His only begotten Son to die for your sins, in that you will have everlasting life and spend your eternity with Him. 

Emmanuel Olatunji is the founding minister of this great ministry. After many years of serving the Lord, he eventually yielded to the call of the Lord in January 2022. He was reanointed by the Lord and was giving the assignment to establish FOOMI. 

Despite the several attempts to ensure that the ministry was established, many challenges surfaced but the Lord helped us overcome them. 

FOOMI believes in salvation, sanctification of the soul and baptism of the Holy Spirit as the three Christian experiences we need to live a godly life in this world. We also believe in confession, forgiveness and restitution of our wrongdoings. These practices will make living a godly life easy. 

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Our Vision

To raise a body of believers who are in love with the truth, and lead millions of souls to eternity with our Lord Jesus Christ. "By this shall all men know that ye are my disciples, if ye have love one to another" John 13:35.

Our Mission

To embrace the entire human race with the love of Christ and help the children of God retrace their steps to the old-time path which our Lord Jesus Christ had laid down.

Our Motto

The Just Shall Live By His Faith - Habakkuk 2:4.