Surely there is no enchantment against Jacob, Neither is there any divination against Israel: According to this time it shall be said of Jacob and of Israel, What hath God wrought!”

Numbers 23:23

The story in our passage today tells us how Balak asked Balaam to curse the children of Israel – God’s own people. However, instead of cursing them, Balaam began to bless them. Here, his action proved that when the Lord’s intention for His people is that they be blessed, there is nothing anyone can do to reverse it. Hence, Balaam found himself doing the opposite of his intention. 

Most times, we get scared of curses from our ancestry, and we believe they are powerful enough to stop that which the Lord has written concerning us. But this is simply not true.

The blood of Jesus bought our freedom from evil divinations. Our part is to believe in Jesus over these things. We must come to understand how powerful the blood of Jesus is and come in the name of Jesus against everything that attempts to hold us bound.

We have been given that right! Therefore, we need to enter the reality that nothing is strong enough to destroy the plans of the Lord for us. Except one thing!

Our alignment! The Bible says that it is to whom we obey that we become servants of. If you’re aligned to the devil and his ways, it is his plans that prevails in your life. If you’re aligned to God and His ways, His plans prevail. So, you must choose.

Further Study: Numbers 23

Charge: The secret to fulfilling God’s plans for you is to choose, this day, whom you will serve.

Have a glorious month.

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