“And David said, What have I now done? Is there not a cause?

1 Samuel 17:29  


The story in our passage is of David who went to deliver his father’s message to his brothers. On arrival, he noticed that there was a hassle, and he conversed with the people in order to find out more. In the midst of that, his brother challenged him, and in response, David asked him if there was no cause for his presence there.

David knew God and understood the possibilities that existed in Him. Further study shows that a visit made in obedience to his father’s commands was being used by the Lord to change his life completely. This was the same with Joseph, whose brothers plotted against and landed in the prison. At the end, it was obvious that the Lord sent him ahead for a reason (Gen. 45:5).

Walking with God teaches us that God is intentional with everything He allows in our lives. While we might not always understand the cause, it is important to stay humbly under God and allow Him to work His purposes out in our lives. God has plans for everyone, and it may be surprising that your sufferings are for your uplift. Let God lead.

Further Study: Isaiah 55:9, Genesis 37-45.

Food for Thought: Be obedient in the little things because an intentional God is working out the story of your life. To see it unfold, you must submit.

Stay blessed.

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