And many shall follow their pernicious ways; by reason of whom the way of truth shall be evil spoken of.”

2 Peter 2:2

What will be said of you, dear Christian? Not just here on earth, but in heaven too. Are you the one who has been marked for your expertise in leading men astray? Or are you the one who is known for bringing trouble to the kingdom of darkness?

Are you the one who bears the name “Christian”, and makes everyone who beholds you speak negatively of Christians? It breaks the heart of the Lord when He sees those He has appointed over His little ones hurt them. It breaks God’s heart to see that you fall into sin with the ones He sent you to show His love and way of life.

Let this ring in our hearts. That thing we call a weakness might be the very thing that is causing the one next to us to believe that a life of true freedom and bliss in God is impossible.

Don’t be comfortable in your weakness, and continually fall into fornication with the apples of God’s eyes! Go to the cross and stay there until you learn to maximize the Grace of God!

Further Study: Romans 14

Thought for the day: Take advantage of the grace of God that is able to keep you from falling and let it shape your character.

Happy Sunday and stay blessed.

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