My Story of Grace

Guess when this picture was taken?

Have you guessed? Good.

Would you believe if I told you that this picture was taken in the morning of my wedding day back in 2017?

Sounds unbelievable, right? I understand.

But that’s the truth.

That was me in a Molue heading to the venue of my wedding.

May God tremendously bless Oluwagbemiga Paul, my best man, for capturing this moment.

In fact, I didn’t know he captured this moment until he shared the pictures with me.

This picture means so much to me because it reminds me of how the journey started.

I’ve shared my stories numerous times, and while some people may believe, some may feel I am sugarcoating it.

But regardless of what people feel, think or say, my story will remain my story.

I know not everyone will believe, but that’s why I am an exceptional being. ????

I’ve been walking a different path for as long as I can remember.

Or how about this:

Who takes a Molue to their wedding venue? Or who gets dressed up in the shop of a road side barber?

As funny and strange as these may sound, that’s how our journey began.

You can probably tell from the picture how stressed I was during that time.

Yet, I pushed forward. I can only imagine what people must have said about me. I can only imagine what must have crossed their minds even on the morning of our wedding. But I walked that path with courage.

Today, I am eternally grateful that many testify to how our relationship has enriched their lives.

Though our start was small, our entire journey has been glorious. This is what God can do!

I’ve many stories to share, I will keep documenting my stories here to inspire anyone who desires to learn from my journey.

PS: My life is full of testimonies and results, so whenever I share anything here, I want you to think. Don’t just say, “it’s a lie”. Stop and think deeply. That is what will help you to get the best from my write up.

I’m Emmanuel, and I am the exceptional being.

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