Have You Stopped Digging?

In the book of Genesis: 26:18-22, we read about how Isaac, the son of Abraham, was determined to succeed despite the obstacles he faced. After the people of Gerar had stopped up the wells his father had dug, Isaac redug them and named them after his father.

Many of us know that Isaac was a successful man in his time. We know God promised him and fulfilled His promise. But what many of us fail to pay attention to was Isaac’s attitude.

In the scripture above, we read about how the herdsmen of Gerar quarreled with Isaac’s herdsmen over the wells they dug. They dug the first well, quarreled with them, and took ownership of the well. However, Isaac did not give up.

At this point, many of us would have given up and started saying all sort of things to God. But Isaac didn’t do that. Although God promised to bless him, he still faced challenges. God’s promises to you doesn’t exempt you from facing challenges. It doesn’t also mean that you don’t have work to do. In the story, we read how Isaac redug the wells his father dug. Even when the men took ownership of what he worked for, Isaac persisted. He kept digging until he finally reached a place where the men stopped striving with him. What a spirit! Isaac’s attitude of persistence and resilience is inspiring. He dug the first well, they took it; dug the second well, they took it. As they kept taking it, he kept digging. This is what formed the title of this message.

Isaac didn’t stop digging. I’m sure those men knew that Isaac wouldn’t stop digging. They knew that no matter how many times they quarreled with him, Isaac would not give up.

So, he dug one well after another, naming each after the conflict it had caused, until he finally reached a place where the men stopped striving with him. It was there that he named the well Rehoboth, which means “wide open spaces,” and declared that the Lord had made room for him and he would be fruitful in the land.

Oh, how many of us have the persistent and resolute attitude? We want to be successful but we give up at the slightest challenge? We want to be successful but we give up at the slightest opposition? We want to be successful but we are not ready to do the work!

Let the story of Isaac inspire and challenge us to do better. Let us be inspired by Isaac’s determination and work ethic, and strive to emulate his example in our own lives. We cannot give up when faced with challenges, but must work diligently and consistently to achieve our goals.

I’m Emmanuel, the exceptional being.

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