Is Your Wife Your Family Or Not?

When I purchased our first piece of land just a year after our wedding, I intentionally included my wife’s name along with mine. My mother was aware of it and even accompanied us to check out the land and witness the payment. It was my first ever property purchase, and I am grateful to God that my first ever property carries my wife’s name, signifying that whatever I own, she owns, and vice versa.

I also bought our first car and even the second car in both our names, without my wife even requesting it. I made this decision on my own, knowing that my wife wouldn’t fight me for it even if I did otherwise, but I didn’t need to be told. When I finally registered TEBEBA, I made sure it was in both our names, with my wife owning some percentage of it.

I deliberately and intentionally made sure that my immediate family (i.e siblings) understood that whatever I own is also owned by my wife. My wife knows the passwords to all my bank accounts and also knows about all my investments. I just see this as commonsense and also my role as a husband.

I know everyone may not be like me, and I am not saying everyone should do what I did, but I share this with you today because there have been trending issues and news lately about wives not being considered as part of the family. While I don’t usually write on trending topics, I felt led to share my perspective on this.

As a Christian who desires to build a godly home, I urge you to be mindful of the trends and worldly examples you follow. Not everything you read or hear from the media may be true. Always strive to seek out the truth and hold fast to what is truly true.

To those who are unmarried (male and female) and reading this, if you want to build a successful marriage, know that the moment you and your spouse are married, you have become one. This is the biblical standard. And if you are already married and keeping your properties or wealth from your spouse, you are treading on dangerous grounds. Be cautious of the trends you emulate, as the media may not be telling you the whole truth.

This is my take on this trending topic. May you act with wisdom. Cheers.

I’m Emmanuel, the exceptional being.

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