I became a servant of this gospel by the gift of God’s grace given me through the working of his power.

Ephesians 3:7


Did you know that most of the miracles we celebrate today in the lives of the men of old were chiefly possible because they walked on the path the Lord set for them? Abraham did not become the father of many nations by chance. Trace his life, and you will see that what happened in his life happened because he was following God back-to-back. He was walking on his unique path.

Abraham only had the voice (instructions) of God to lead him when he went to the altar to sacrifice Isaac. If he were waiting to copy the lives of others, he would never have been able to carry out that instruction because it was a special instruction to him. It was the first of its kind.

Moses also experienced God in the burning bush and had a history of experiences with God that was unique and tailored to the course of his journey. Jesus Christ had to do things that were required of Him because of the purpose He had come to fulfil on earth. Mary had to conceive the holy child because that was the path the Father had chosen for her. Samson also had a specific requirement placed on him because of the purpose he was created to fulfil.

This is why leading the Holy Spirit is so essential in the life of a believer. You cannot do without it. You must submit to the word of God and never do things outside the Word of God (even if the most significant prophet orders otherwise). This is because the Word of God guides against error, and anything contrary to it is not right.

But as long as it is in line with the Word of God, even if it differs from what everyone around you is doing, please submit yourself to that consecration. Then, when you walk according to the requirements of your unique path, everything you need is provided for you. The grace and strength to do it, the peace to sail through and, most of all, the stamp of God’s glory.

Even if everything seems cloudy, so far, you are faithful to your call and stick to your path, answers come, grace abounds, and Jesus is lifted when you walk the path God has set before you. An extra advantage is that it is harder for the devil to access your life when you’re on a track God Himself set before you. When you’re outside that path, you’re on your own. See the life of Job; even though the devil tried him in several wicked ways, he couldn’t tamper with his life because Job had the backing of God. David also stayed on his path, and he was able to kill Goliath.

So, don’t seek things based on how shiny it looks on another person. Don’t covet something solely because another seems to be making the most of it. If you walk into something because that’s what the world celebrates currently, what happens when they move to the next big thing?

Let your reason for embarking on the journey to a specific purpose always be that God sent you there, and you will see how His grace will make achieving that purpose seamlessly successful.


  1. Dear Lord, help me. Please help me not to be moved by the shiny things on another’s path that I miss what you have for me.
  2. Help me, Lord, to be sensitive to your warnings. Don’t let me ever leave the path you have set before me. Help me stay with You, Lord. Come what may.
  3. Lord, give me the grace always to honour you even as you shine your light upon me and results begin to be evident.

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