“Say unto wisdom, Thou art my sister; And call understanding thy kinswoman: That they may keep thee from the strange woman, From the stranger which flattereth with her words.”

Proverbs 7:4-5


It is written, “Wisdom is the principal thing, therefore, get wisdom, and with all thy getting get understanding” Proverbs 4:7. What you should desire most in the 21st century is wisdom. The Bible says it is a principal thing, and therefore, you must earnestly desire it, to guard yourself against the strange woman.

The ‘strange’ woman is the woman who doesn’t know Christ, tells lies, is promiscuous, whose words are flattery, is a servant of sin and is ready to make others sinners, and she engages into all manner of sexual perversions.

The Bible is a bank of wisdom. You must  prayerfully study the bible  to disassociate yourself from the grip or enchantment of a strange woman. Her sweet words may convince or influence you into sin. The strange woman doesn’t delight in the law of the Lord, (Psalm 1:2-3) therefore, avoid her company.

Now you must understand that the strange woman can appear in any form in different circumstances. The social media platforms, the televisions, your friends (male/female), can act as the strange woman. These platforms are good for promoting the gospel and also for learning. But you must be wise in using them. Any site that will not glorify God should be avoided. Any friend, any associations that will derail you from path of righteousness should be fled from. 

Dear friend, you must flee away from the strange woman.

Further Study: 2 Timothy 2:22, Proverbs 6:20-35

Confession: I will avoid bad company and pursue righteousness. So help me God. Amen. 

Stay edified.


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