“And he said, “Verily I say unto you, No prophet is accepted in his own country.”  
Luke 4:24
Today’s scripture focuses on the experience Jesus had when He visited Nazareth, His hometown. Jesus talked about how though they had heard about the miracles and wonders He had performed in other places, they still didn’t believe in Him or saw Him as the Messiah.  Hence He said, “A prophet is not honored in his home”.
This verse shows the tendency for us to look down on others, their spiritual gifts and callings, because of familiarity. And just as Jesus experienced in His hometown, we may underestimate the greatness in others because we know them and this overfamiliarity can prevent us from seeing the amazing things God is doing through them and in them.
Our inability to recognize and accept the significance of those close to us may lead to missed blessings and opportunities of God reaching out to us. Familiarity leads to contempt, and so we must trust God to guard our heart against overfamiliarity so we do not miss out on what God has for us through those around us. Remember, it was overfamiliarity that caused Satan to desire to be God, and this ended in his fall and other angels like him.
Today, let us reflect on the message in Luke 4:24 and trust God to help us embrace and accept the work He is doing through those around us.
Further Study: matt 13:53-58
Confession: Lord help to never look down on the calling of others. Amen.
Honour brings blessings.

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