“Then this Daniel was preferred above the presidents and princes, because an excellent spirit was in him; and the king thought to set him over the whole realm.”

Daniel 6:3

Exception means to be different or excluded from something. In the context of our passage today, exception was done in a way that the subject (Daniel) was preferred over others. He stood out. He was different. Not because He tried to be, but because he wore an attire of excellence that was hard to be unnoticed.

Every child of God has been granted this grace of exception. Not only have we been made separate and totally unlike the world, there’s usually a different, coveted, and excellent oil on whatever we put our hands to do.

However, this exception is not always celebrated. The fact that you have to go against the world and its trends might make others look down on you. The fact that things you do when you apply yourself to knowledge has far more impact might lead to jealousy as it did for Daniel.

But that is not the focus today. The question is: do you know what rests on you? Do you know of the grace of exception that the blood of Jesus qualifies you for? How are you maximizing it? Are you letting it show forth excellence upon your life? Are you running away from it because being separate means you are not accepted by everyone? What do you know of this exception you have been called into?

Do not forget this: ignorance is one of the ways the devil makes God’s children lose their identity. Awake and arise to your exceptionality in Jesus. 

Further Study: Daniel 6
Charge: Separate yourself from among them.

Remain exceptional.

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