Recently, I paid for an online course to learn about how to generate realistic AI images. We all know AI is the in-thing now, and I thought to upgrade my skills. Hence, I paid for the course.

Despite my busy schedules, this midnight, I took time to go through the course content and I practiced what I leant. The images below are the result of what I learned.

What’s the moral of this? Keep learning. Keep improving. Keep investing in yourself. Keep growing.

No matter how busy you are, create time to grow your skill. Create time to learn. Don’t be too big to pay for courses or learn from people. This might have taken me several months and stress to figure out myself, but because I learnt from someone, I got result instantly. That’s the power of paying for knowledge!

I trust this has added value to you today. If you got value, feel free to share with others.

PS: How do you see the images I generated? Hope I tried? 😍

I’m Emmanuel, the exceptional being.

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