Marriage is a Blessing

One of life’s greatest gifts is to have someone who truly wants to build a life with you.

It’s having someone willing to stand by you, come what may.

It’s having someone not only interested in your strength but also there to help you in your weakness.

Oh, what a gift it is to have such a person in your life!

Oh, what a blessing it is to have such a person in your life!

Dear reader, marriage goes beyond common perceptions.

It’s more than having sex anytime you wish. No matter your desires, once married, you’ll realize it’s beyond mere physical intimacy.

It’s also beyond procreation—having children.

While these elements matter in marriage, they’re part of the package, but marriage is beyond all of this.

What, then, is marriage? It is a sacred institution founded by God—a union of two people building a lasting relationship to glorify God.

When you view marriage in this light, your mindset will change, allowing you to enjoy better results.

Remember: Your mindset shapes your reality. If you believe marriage isn’t an achievement, you’re right. If you think it is, you’re also right.

Your mindset determines your reality.

I’m forever grateful to God for blessing me with a woman who’s genuinely doing life with me.

I’m Emmanuel, the exceptional being.

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