Thus did Noah; according to all that God commanded him, so did he.”

Genesis 6:22


Do you remember Noah’s ark? The fact that a man was able to build a boat that could withstand 40 days of rain that wiped off an entire race is testament in itself that he built it according to divine intelligence. He received the instructions to build, but didn’t stop there. He listened, didn’t think it was foolish to have a large ark, and did accordingly to the instructions

We often make the mistake of hearing what the Lord intends to do and running off with it instead of asking Him how (the process) He intends to make it happen. It’s one thing for the Lord to tell you He intends to build a house and quite another to receive the measurements for the house He intends that you build.

We must understand that we were made to rely 100% on God, so it makes no sense to try to figure things out for ourselves. This is your reminder, dear Christian, to go back to relying wholly on God. It is a reminder to seek His exact plans and to move as He shows you even if it’s just the first part you can see or you don’t understand.

Rely on God, dear Christian, that is the right way to build

Study: Genesis 6:13:22; Psalm 119:133

Action: Listen to God, follow His instructions and do just as He has commanded.

Stay blessed.

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