“He looked around and saw some bread baked on hot stones and a jar of water! So he ate and drank and lay down again. Then the angel of the LORD came again and touched him and said, “Get up and eat some more, for there is a long journey ahead of you.” 

1 Kings 19:6-7

The help of the Lord denotes the ability bestowed upon a natural man, enabling him to accomplish the extraordinary. This implies the power and empowerment to achieve supernatural exploits.

Spiritual assignments, the journey of life, and destiny cannot be undertaken solely with human and physical strength, and sensual wisdom of men, they require an empowerment that only the Holy Spirit of God can supply.

The account of Elijah, being fed under the juniper tree, explains explicitly to us that a man cannot embark on a great assignment without the help of the Holy Spirit.

The secret to ordinary men having extraordinary results is that they have been enabled for exploits by the Spirit of God, just like Elijah was, as described in 1 Kings 19:6-7

Moreover, a Jewish ruler confessed to Jesus, acknowledging that no one can perform the things He does unless God is with him, meaning that such a person has been helped by the Lord (John 3:1).

Hence, the reason we struggle to survive, to grow spiritually, and to manifest certain dimensions in our relationship with God is because we lack the empowerment that the Spirit of God supplies, which is commonly referred to as the Help of the Spirit.


If there is one thing we should consistently pray for as we journey through life, it is the help of God. May we never be without the assistance of the Holy Spirit whenever I am in need of help.

This is our message for today. May this message bless you on your spiritual journey. Please share your thoughts in the comments below, and click here for more resources to aid in your spiritual growth.

Have a pleasant day!

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