“Therefore I remind you to stir up the gift of God which is in you through the laying on of my hands.

2 Timothy 1:6 


It delights God to give His children gifts. It is something He is ready and willing to do. But here is something God does not like—lack of capacity and waste of resources.

The fact that He does not like lack of capacity means He will not give you something you cannot handle. This is why most times when we pray for something and it appears as if it is tarrying, we should pay attention because God has started a work in us that will increase our capacity so we can handle and maximize the gift when it is given.

The second thing He does not like which is waste is simply that thing we sometimes do when we are given something, but then behave as if we have been given nothing. It can also occur when we use what we have been given for the wrong purposes. Here is an open secret. The gifts of God are without repentance, but God will never entrust something bigger in your hand when you mishandle or waste that which you have been given.

So, dear Christian how have you been handling your gifts? It could be as seemingly little as the word you received while reading your bible. Did you grab your journal to note it down so you can go back and meditate on it? What of that which you received the last time you were prayed for? Are you engaging the Holy Spirit and in the process stirring up and exercising your gift?

Moreover, you should consider how you are handling the seasons in your life that God is using to increase your capacity. Are you ready for what you are praying for? Are you seeking the Lord for His intent and purposes as regards the gift operating in your life?

Dear Christian, how are you handling that which you have received? As a Christian, it is essential to be responsible for the gifts that God has given you. Handle them with care, use them for the right purposes, and maximize their potential. 2Tim. 1:14 says, “That good thing which was committed to you, keep by the Holy Spirit who dwells in us.”


Dear Father, help me to submit to your workings in my life and never to misuse or fail to stir up your gift in me. Please, forgive me for being nonchalant about the things you have put in my hands. Forgive me for exercising familiarity. Help me to become a better person as I make effort in Jesus’ name. Amen.

This is our message for today. May this message bless you on your spiritual journey. Please share your thoughts in the comments below, and click here for more resources to aid in your spiritual growth. 

Have a pleasant day!

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