“Then He strictly warned them that they should tell no one about Him.”

Mark 8:30 


Imagine Jesus telling His disciples not to reveal His true identity. Saying something like that today would be considered blasphemy. However, at that particular time, it was appropriate.

It is crucial to act in accordance with God’s will, but it can be dangerous to do so at the wrong time. As Christians, we must have the ability to discern when God is calling us to act.

May the Lord help us to be so attuned to Him that we can discern when it is the right time to act. God’s grace only follows that which He endorses, and it is a pity to see something that was ordained by God fail because we decided to act on our own timeline.


Lord help me to understand that your timing is very important in everything you call me to do. Help me not to run in zeal what you have not sealed in Grace.

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