“So likewise, shall my heavenly Father do also unto you, if ye from your hearts forgive not every one his brother their trespasses.

Matthew 18:35    


Lack of forgiveness is one besetting sin Satan uses to wreck the lives of many faithful Christians today. We must learn to forgive if we want to obtain forgiveness from God. However, this issue of forgiveness could be better; hence, we need to be very careful. I will share my own personal experience with you this day so that you will understand how dicey this lack of forgiveness can be.

Something happened to me some years ago. A rogue beat me up, and the police got involved in the case. As we were on our way to the police station, the policeman who arrested the rogue asked if I wanted to press charges or settle things amicably. I initially said I wanted to press charges but changed my mind when the guy pleaded with me.

Shortly after, the rogue’s manager came along with another set of police officers. I had never had any issues with the police or gotten involved in any case until then. And due to my faith, I decided not to falsify what happened or exaggerate things. But, little did I know that the manager had already written a false report about me. So, everything was turned upside down before my family could arrive at the station. In fact, they locked the rogue and me up in prison within a twinkling of an eye. That was the very first time I saw what prison was like.

The infuriating thing was that those who followed the rogue had already decided to take me to the hospital for medication. Still, things changed when the manager appeared with the falsified report. I was locked up instead, and I was bailed with money. That incident was the worst experience I had that year. I knew I was hurt. I knew I’d developed hatred. Several devilish thoughts bedevilled me almost every night. But one day, I decided to forgive the man and his manager.

I thought I had forgiven him after several years, but anytime I remembered that incident, it still hurt my heart and usually made me sad. And a few years ago, God told me that I had neither forgiven nor forgotten about the man. He then asked me to pray for him if I had forgiven him, but I found it challenging to do so, and I realised I hadn’t truly forgiven him. So, from that day, I started praying for the spirit of forgiveness.

Many of us may think that we’ve forgiven some people who offended us, but it may not be so. If you truly forgive someone who offends you, you must be able to pray for them and likewise forget their sins. So now, let’s clarify: you may remember what that person did to you with your head, but your heart must ignore the pain and hurt.

That made me know that I hadn’t forgiven or forgotten what he did to me. If you don’t want God to withdraw His forgiveness, you must learn to forgive whoever offends you. Peter asked Jesus how many times a man should forgive, and Jesus said as many times as possible. Even if someone offends you a million times, forgive a million times. This is not my instruction. This is what the Bible tells us to do. And as true Christians who want to make heaven, we must ensure we obey this.


  1. Dear Lord, please grant me the spirit of forgiveness no matter the hurt done to me.
  2. Heavenly Father, please, help me to be able to pray for those who persecute me or seek my downfall.
  3. I ask for the grace to let go of every wickedness done against me. Please help to forgive and forget, indeed.
  4. In any way I have caused hurt to anyone, Lord, please forgive me in Jesus’ name. Amen.

This is our message for today, and we hope you were blessed. We’d also love to hear from you; please comment below.

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Have a blessed day!

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  1. I’m blessed. Thanks for this message.

    Actually, I’d like to share an experience I had yesterday during the church service. God instructed that every member should go outside the church auditorium exactly by 1pm, the women should remove their headgears & everyone should pray that their heads will not abhor any form of evil. While I was praying, I wanted to intercede for my fiance but lo & behold, I mentioned my ex’s name & this is someone that left me since February 2022, I immediately mentioned my fiance’s name. Someone would say maybe I still have feelings for him, Not at all but why I mentioned his name is mystery. Today, this same ex chatted me up & I was partially angry at him from my responses but to me I thought I’d forgiven him despite hurting me badly but reading this devotional showed I haven’t fully forgiven him. Hence, I’ve forgiven him & whoever had hurt me. May God empower us all to “sincerely forgive” whoever had hurt or is hurting us in Jesus’ Mighty Name, AMEN.

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