“For they considered not the miracle of the loaves: for their heart was hardened.”

Mark 6:52

The above Bible verse tells us that the heart of the disciples was hardened because they couldn’t comprehend the miracle of the five loaves and two fish used to feed 5000 men and Jesus walking on water.

Despite the miracles Jesus had performed in their presence, despite the teachings he had taught them, their hearts were still hardened with a lack of understanding of who Jesus really was. Hence, when trouble came, they became afraid.

This means that these disciples were also like ordinary men. Like other people in Jesus’ day, they also had their own frailties.

Do you know the later outcome of these men? They became fearless defenders of the faith. They became exceptional men for Christ. They even performed more miracles than their master did while on earth. All these happened because they chose to follow Christ. If these disciples had refused to follow Jesus, we wouldn’t have read beautiful things about them today.

Although, in following Jesus, there may come times of trials and weariness, and you may want to give up. This is the time even to move closer to Jesus and guard your heart against backsliding. When Jesus was taken from them, their faith in Him with the help of the Holy Spirit, which was built over the years of followership, kept them going.

Be careful and discerning when you have to follow people or friends because their teachings and lifestyle can be transferred to you directly or indirectly. You are most likely going to them start acting like them. Remember, the lifestyle of the disciples made people call them Christians in Antioch (Acts 11:26). The lifestyle of Jesus had rubbed off on them.

The message for the day is this, who are your friends? Whom are you following? Whom are you listening to? Do you know that the people you follow and listen to can shape your destiny?

Be careful whom you follow or believe in. Always pray to God to lead you on the right path. There is no greater master like Christ. There is no friend like Him. Make Him your priority first then He will lead you right.

This is our message for today, and we hope you were blessed. We’d also love to hear from you; please leave a comment below.

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