He made this very clear to them. So Peter took him aside and began to rebuke him. But Jesus turned round, looked at his disciples, and rebuked Peter. “Get away from me, Satan,” he said. “Your thoughts don’t come from God but from human nature!” 

Mark 8:32-33

In this passage, we see Jesus rebuking Peter after He told them of what was to come. At this point, Jesus didn’t just hear Peter speaking, He rather heard the source of that voice. Jesus was always careful of the voice He listened to.

In that situation, Peter didn’t mean any harm to Jesus; his intentions were good, but the voice coming from him was not of the Lord. He thought he wanted good for Jesus; but unknown to him, he was unintentionally forbidding Jesus from fulfilling His purpose.

There is a pertinent message there for us, we must be careful of the voice we listen to. Sometimes, listening to the voice of human beings, no matter our relationship or connection with them can be dangerous. Yes, it can. That is why we need a discerning spirit.

No matter how good some people’s intentions may be, it is not advisable to listen to their voices. Eve wasn’t sensitive enough, hence she listened to the voice of the devil and she ate from the forbidding tree. Whereas, Abraham could have thought that the voice that asked him to go offer his son was the devil. But because he was discerning, he knew it was going to God and he ran with the mandate.

Some time ago, there was a lady who wanted to study psychology at the university, but her mother convinced her to study chemistry instead. She listened to her mother’s voice, but she performed woefully at the university.

When she graduated, she went for her second degree, and she did the course she wanted to study, and she came out well. Be watchful because this can happen to anyone. When you are caught up in life situations, don’t allow your emotions to rule you to decide insignificantly or rashly. That is the most important time to discern in the Holy Spirit whose voice is speaking to you.

You’re helped of God in Jesus’ name.

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