“And it came to pass, as Jesus sat at meat in the house, behold, many publicans and sinners came and sat down with him and his disciples.”
Matthew 9:10
Jesus loves everyone; this was why He was able to accommodate, even the sinners. Our heavenly Father loves the world, not the righteous alone, that He gave His only Son. His mercy does not discriminate between the righteous and the sinners, and He is ever ready and willing to bring you to Himself.
It doesn’t matter how sinful your past may have been or how strayed away you may have gone from Him, our Lord Jesus Christ is ready to mend you again. The same way He sat with the sinners that He might win them to Himself; likewise, He is calling you today to repentance.
He doesn’t condemn you because of your sins, but rather He extends a hand of fellowship. How amazing the love of Christ is. No matter how broken you may be, Jesus does not take preference between a good product or a seemingly bad product. He will take that bad product and mend it again no matter how broken it may be.
I hope you would choose to accept His hand of fellowship today.
Further Study: Matthew 9:11-13; Matthew 11:28
Charge: Jesus seeks to dine with you today; won’t you accept His invitation?
Have a fruitful week.

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