“Wealth gotten by vanity shall be diminished: But he that gathereth by labour shall increase.”

Proverbs 13:11

There are many roads to wealth. There’s the way of pride – you’ve seen it, people saying they belong to themselves, and no one can tell them what to do, and then, going ahead to gain money by selling their bodies – although there are many other expressions.

There’s the road of greed. That road that makes you covet all that you see, even at the expense of cheating others.

There’s the road of mammon. Endlessly pursuing money, and never remembering God.

There are so many ways to earthly riches. And that is why the Bible says we should not be envious when the unrighteous seems to have all the earthly goods.

It is definitely possible to have all the money in unrighteousness. But as the Bible also says, whatever treasure is not laid in heaven is subject to moths and destruction. And that’s where the problem lies; why would you want to have fleeting enjoyment? One that is here and gone? When you could have wealth gotten by honest labour and God’s blessings that last for generation after generation. So many people don’t care about these things, but as a child of God, think about it.

Further Study: Psalm 37:7,9
Charge: Let the treasures you have not be only the ones that can be found here.

Happy Sunday.

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