Some time ago, after arriving from church service, a friend and I waited to snap a picture at the gate of where we were living.

After taking the picture, we went to our respective apartments. However, upon reaching my apartment, I realized my handkerchief was missing. I knew I didn’t leave it at the church because I had just used it to wipe my face at the gate during the photo. I checked my suit pocket and the four pockets of my trousers, but it was nowhere to be found.

Something told me I must have left it at the gate where I took the picture. Without hesitation, I rushed back. Little did I know that an important thing was actually missing, unnoticed until then.

When I got to the gate, the first thing I saw was my Bible. It dawned on me that I had also forgotten my Bible. Surprised, I picked it up, and before searching for my handkerchief, I instinctively checked my pocket—there it was. It was strange; I wondered why I couldn’t find it when I initially reached my apartment, prompting me to rush back to the gate.

Heading back to my apartment, I kept ruminating about this incident, and it dawned on me that God could use anything just to bring my attention to what is very important. He could even make me look for something which isn’t missing just to find that which is actually missing. That’s what our God can do.

Do you sense something is missing in your life? Do you feel a void that needs filling? Some believe education is missing, having struggled with exams. Others feel a spouse is missing, praying without apparent answers. Some yearn for children after years of marriage.

Remember, nothing happens without a reason. The apparent lack might not be the true absence. God might be trying to draw your attention to something very important in your life.

Like me, I thought my handkerchief was missing, so God made me look for it, just so that He could let me find my Bible which is more precious than my handkerchief. Can you see the wisdom here?

So, when you feel something is missing, pray for God’s purpose to be fulfilled. It may not be what you’re seeking that is truly missing; it could be something more crucial. God loves you, and understanding the purpose behind your challenges will fill you with eternal gratitude.

If this message has blessed you, kindly share. God bless you as you share.

I’m Emmanuel, the exceptional being.

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