And the priest who is anointed shall bring of the bullock’s blood to the tabernacle of the congregation”

Leviticus 4:16


“The priest… shall bring of the bullock’s blood…” indicates that the saving of humanity from destruction is owing to the satisfaction and mediation of Christ. Indisputably, Christ’s supreme sacrifice on the cross remains the only remedy for the pardon, remission, and forgiveness of the sins of mankind, ever since the New Testament settled in.

The last thing many Christians want to hear, today, is the Old Testament’s procedure for pardoning sins — it’s irksome. Christ Jesus, the High Priest anointed by God, came into the world to fulfill and simplify the entire process of redemptive atonement. After His death and resurrection, He became the ultimate sacrifice to and for any man who desires to be saved.

Dear friend, there is no other avenue, no other personality, or sacrifice that can save except Jesus. The Old Testament had several high priests who had their faults and blemishes in life and character; they were not perfect. And the animal sacrifices were so insufficient and limited in their ability to clean the world from sin.

Christ Jesus came and became the perfect High Priest and the Worthy Lamb for the once-and-all sacrifice for sin. No other argument, no other plea, it is enough that Jesus died and that He died for you.

Further Study: Acts 4:12

Thought for the day: Has Jesus’ death and sacrifice saved you? Time is going; your salvation is important. Come to Jesus today!

Stay blessed.

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