“When the LORD turned again the captivity of Zion, we were like them that dream.” 

Psalm 126:1

It must have been with nostalgia that Sarah told her tale of misery, turned to laughter with Isaac by a miracle. Our God is full of pleasant surprises. God’s promises stand, regardless of the situations or odds that garrison our lives. He said that when the time is right, He, the Lord, will make it happen, only if we believe that He can.

Time, people, and circumstances may change, but He and His word remain the same. It’s a new year; a new chapter, a new opportunity, and a new phase for us all. Things are never going to remain the same for those who trust and hope in the Lord. The passing of time is proof that our challenges won’t last. It came so that it will pass– and it shall come to pass.

Dare to trust God afresh– as though you’ve never trusted Him before. Let go of your old fears; see the invisible God working out all things for your good and His glory. The Lord remembers you this new year. This is not just a motivational message; it’s the truth of God’s word and prophecy– your partnership with God will bring it to pass. Righteousness and faith are essential in walking with God.

Live flawlessly. Walk, work, and speak faith-filled words.

Further Study: Job 42:10.

Thought for the day: Positively expect the unexpected.

Happy New Year to you. We bless God for bringing us into another prosperous year. May God grant us the strength, wisdom, knowledge, understanding, ideas, good health, resources, and all that we need to lead a purposeful life in this new year. May it be a year of great and positive turnarounds in Jesus’ name.

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