“Now Joshua was old and advanced in years; and the LORD said to him, ‘You are old and advanced in years, and there is still much land to be possessed.'” Joshua 13:1


It’s fascinating that active-duty soldiers never stop training. Even after a significant victory, they go back to training, not letting that one moment of triumph define everything. As Christian soldiers, we must adopt this mindset because there’s still much ground to cover.

We cannot slack in these areas because this is what we are called to do: to represent God in all our endeavours; to show the light of God in the secular world; to cover and recover the areas where people need to hear about Jesus and not just to satisfy our own pride.

Jesus emphasised this when His disciples returned, filled with joy that demons obeyed them. He reminded them that their true cause for celebration was having their names written in heaven.

As long as we’re on Earth, there will always be more to do for the kingdom of God. We should remember this whether we’re celebrating victories or dealing with losses. Our journey doesn’t end with one triumph or defeat. We should resist the temptation to believe we’ve given our all, and instead, let God be the One who judges that.

In the end, the ultimate victory is believing in the Lord’s name, giving Him all the glory, and living according to His ways.

Further References: Joshua 13:1-6, Luke 10:17-20

Thought for the day: Rejoice because your names are recorded in heaven.

Stay blessed.

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