My Faith Was Tested

Jesus Gave Me Another Great Victory Today! This is a true incident. Read and be blessed!

If you want to do the will of God and follow God diligently, you must be ready. As believers, we must always be prepared to face the challenges presented by the enemy of God, Satan, and his emissaries. The devil never rests, but we can find solace in the fact that Christ has already overcome for us, making us true overcomers.

This morning, I woke up feeling hale and hearty and went about my daily activities before preparing for my today’s teaching on FOOMI. I knew the topic was a serious one, and I spoke as God gave me utterance. However, during the teaching, I began to feel feverish and weak. My body was in pain, and I had a headache.

Even the food my wife made for me couldn’t stimulate my appetite at that moment. My wife noticed how I was doing and asked what happened. I told her I was feeling pain and having a headache, but I told her not to worry, that I would be fine. She told me sorry and left.

Guess what I did there? I exercised my faith. I remembered the teaching I had done, and I exercised faith believing that sickness wouldn’t knock me down, not after I just finished doing my Father’s job.

Dear reader, I tell you, now I am fully back. God has healed me!

The Christian journey is undeniably real, and life is far more spiritual than we often perceive. Our battles are not merely physical but spiritual. When we align ourselves with God’s will, we will undoubtedly face challenges, but through unwavering faith, we can overcome them all.

Please, help me thank God for giving me victory over sudden illness! I will forever serve this God!

I’m Emmanuel, the exceptional being.

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