“Casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ.”

2 Corinthians 10:5


There’s something peculiar to every human on earth, and that is the fact that we all have thoughts, both good and bad ones. Of course, the influence of the media and the world itself plays a big part in shaping our thoughts and sometimes the narrative of the persons closest to us.

However, as Christians, we are called to live a set-apart life. We are not permitted to think like the world or agree with a narrative that does not align with God’s word, no matter how mighty the person who states that report is. But if this is the requirement, how do we adhere to it? How do we retain God’s thoughts when we cannot control the thoughts that sometimes slip into our minds?

The above scripture provides a clear answer to that question. The first is an injunction to guard our hearts. This means we cannot allow everything the world puts out to have free entry into our hearts, so we must watch what we listen to, watch or read. The second is an injunction to cast down all imaginations that do not align with God or that exalt themselves above Him by bringing them to the obedience of Christ. We do this by first feeding our souls with the word of God so that we might know how to discern which is from God and which is not.

Doing this regularly means that when you catch a thought that does not exalt God in your heart, you address it and tell it exactly what the word of God says. That means a lustful thought is not permitted to stay in your mind, and you can rebuke it by the word of God, which states that you are no longer enslaved to ungodly desires. It also means that when offences come, and you’re tempted to ponder how you’ve been offended, you can meditate on how Jesus said we should forgive seven times seventy times instead.

It might not happen all at once, but a consistent practice of casting down imaginations that do not exalt Christ and bringing them to obedience to Christ will ensure you’re always thinking Godly thoughts. May God help us.


  1. Dear Father, I commit my heart to you. I acknowledge all the wicked thoughts inside me, and I ask that you purge me of them.
  2. Lord, help me to submit my thoughts to regular obedience to your word in the name of Jesus.

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