“Catch us the foxes, the little foxes that spoil the vines, for our vines have tender grapes.”

Song of Solomon 2:15


It’s incredible how one minor fault can destroy years of effort and hard work. Imagine putting all you have into learning to take courses, do internships, and maybe even do an MBA in preparation for the prospect that could change your life. Then after working so hard for several years, you finally get an ample opportunity, only for you to unintentionally speak in an unruly manner because that’s how you usually talk. Even after practising over and over again on how to be your best to qualify for that opportunity, in an unguarded moment, that unruly mouth you have not tamed can cost you a life-changing opportunity.

As sad as that is, that happens so frequently and is usually the cause of stagnation in many lives. These little things are easy to overlook. As a Christian, it is possible to be given to mighty acts of God’s power yet still tell casual lies because it does not look like a big deal. But that habit of simple lies can bring your entire ministry down the day it is used against you.

The truth is, no sin or fox is too small to bring a mighty man crumbling. Usually, it is the ones that look like they don’t matter much compound and cause significant problems. It is pretty easy for a Christian to run away from “big” sins like fornication, drunkenness, witchcraft, etc., but sometimes we are not careful to guard against the “small” ones like playful white lies or impatience.

The thing about sin is that it never stays small. It might disguise itself as insignificant, but it only does that to do as much damage as it can silently without you noticing. Beware of sin. Beware of all forms of evil. Never take it lightly. Let there not be any sin in your life that tempts you to believe it does not matter. All sin is sin. May the Lord help us.


  1. Lord, help me not to take any behaviour that does not align with your word as standard.
  2. Purge me, Lord, so that my heart is repulsed by sin and anything that even slightly resembles it.

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