And they glorified God in me.”

Galatians 1:24 

The Bible teaches us that all glory, honor, and power belong to the Lord. As Christians, we are aware that our lives must glorify Jesus. We often hear it said and may even say it ourselves when someone commends us on something well done: “Glory to God.”

But do we truly give glory to God, even when we say it with our mouths? We must give all glory to God everyday of our lives. For instance, here are ways to glorify God:

1. When we step out of the way and let the Holy Spirit have free reign, so that He works through us and nothing is done by our power. This often results in outcomes that even a layman can recognise as God’s hand at work. At these times, we cannot take any credit, for we know without a doubt that we had no hand in the outcomes.

These situations require true submission and sensitivity to His voice, as they can seem foolish in our sight or downplay our intelligence in some ways. Sometimes our need to prove something makes it difficult to step out of the way, hence the need for surrender.

2. We give glory to God when we die to ourselves. Paul said, “I die daily.” Glorifying God often requires dying to our fleshly desires. Imagine a scenario where a brother is targeted by a lady who believes that a man can never say no. She believes that church brothers are just covering up and wants to come closer to prove it by making him fall. If the brother decides to “enjoy” just once, the results could be disastrous. He would bring shame to the cross of Jesus Christ, prove Satan right, and give a young girl cause to believe that there’s no such thing as a true Christian.

We often think that there are no consequences to our actions because we have the opportunity to repent and be forgiven. But what of the poor soul whose heart becomes even more resistant to God’s Word?

On the other hand, imagine dying to our fleshly desires and being a witness to the power of the cross to change a man.

We can give God all glory only when we are aligned, obedient, and surrendered in all humility to the God we serve.


Have mercy on me, Father. Help me. Please, help me to give you the glory everyday of my life.

This is our message for today. May this message bless you on your spiritual journey. Please share your thoughts in the comments below, and click here for more resources to aid in your spiritual growth. 

Have a pleasant day!

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