But Samuel replied: “Does the LORD delight in burnt offerings and sacrifices as much as in obeying the LORD? To obey is better than sacrifice, and to heed is better than the fat of rams.”

1 Samuel 15:22


Being able to discern the will of God on specific matters is a great gift. But seeking every means to get what the lord has in store for you could be dangerous because you are likely to act desperate and out of God’s will. Simply because you know what the Lord has planned for should give you the mind to find it dubiously or ungodly.

This is why Sis. Clarinet might start to do all kinds of things (after waiting to see the physical manifestation of God’s promise) to get Bro. Flute’s attention, including a bit of seduction here and there, because God told her he was her husband. That’s attempting to make God’s will come to pass with her wisdom. It can be easy to mistake obedience as a one-part thing, but it is not. You see, complete obedience is a compendium of God’s word, His timing, and His ways.

That you received God’s word and are willing to submit to it is only a part of the equation. Are you also willing to let God work out His will in His way and time? There can be a great temptation when we know where God is taking us; there’s every likelihood to try to get there through any means necessary. However, that God has told you that you will be the country’s president does not mean that’s all. What’s His way of getting you there? What party would He like you to be under? What ideologies does He want you to propagate? When does he want you to begin the journey?

Never make the mistake of taking off like a bullet because you received an instruction. To be obedient, you still need to walk step-by-step in His ways and timing. Remember this, total obedience is a compendium of His Word (the instruction you received), His ways (as He leads you, and according to the Scriptures), and His timing (this is a very crucial aspect because you may be here for as long as He deems fit, so don’t rush. His time remains the best).

Study 1 Samuel 15:19-24.



  1. Father, I ask that you help me to be sensitive to the error of running with your instructions with my strength.
  2. Help me to submit to your ways and timing so that I can see your perfect will come to pass.

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